Why You Should Practice Yoga

Even if you aren’t a yoga instructor in California, you should still practice yoga. I’ve known clients from places like rainy Seattle that need some yoga in their lives. Some people brush off yoga as some silly thing that isn’t a real workout. Well, I’ll be the first to tell you that doing yoga the right way is an actual workout. And one that you’ll gain many benefits from. Practicing yoga has mental benefits like improved mood and physical benefits like back pain relief. If you read my guide you’ll be convinced to start yoga in no time. I suggest doing a plank before planning a fourth of July party.

practicing yoga
Starting Position For Yoga

Improved Mood

Many people who practice yoga report feeling an improved mood and increased positivity. Of course, an increased mood also correlates with decreased depression. Depression is an issue that is plaguing people young and old, but we don’t really talk about it as a society. Just like people struggling with alcohol and drugs, depression is seen as taboo as well. Also, the act of being in a class makes people feel connected with other. As well as part of something bigger than themselves.

Build Muscle Strength

Building strong muscles is not only good for appearances, but for maintaining a healthy body. Having this type of strength prevents arthritis and other pains that we get as we age. At the gym, you are building strength by lifting weights but you are not increasing your flexibility. With yoga, you are building your strength and flexibility at the same time. Maybe even use that extra time to check your cell phone spy app. See what the rest of your family is up to.

practicing yoga
Warrior 1 Yoga Position

Practice Yoga

Even if you’re worried about looking silly, you have to start somewhere. Do a plank or a downward dog, everyone knows those moves. Whether at work or home you are probably bending or slouching all day. This isn’t good for your posture. Imagine how heavy your head is all your spine has to carry the whole thing. Try improving your posture by stopping yourself from slouching at the office. In addition, do some yoga on your floor after work when trying to relax before bed.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Last but not least, practicing yoga can lower your blood pressure. This is especially useful for people struggling with high blood pressure. Yoga may not be as physically challenging as playing football but anything is better than lying on the couch. You are doing nothing good for your body by being that sedentary. Make a change in your life and swap out one hour of TV time for doing yoga in the living room. The benefits will amaze you, you’ll see!